Large Scale Refactor II. – PoC

After travelling 1.5 hours by public transport from Zürich to Intschi and taking the cable car up to Arnisee the hiking finally started. The top, Sunniggrätli offers not just an amazing view but a small mountain hütte too: I have never had a lunch with such an amazing view. The cover image was taken from the dining table: no filters, no photoshop. At the end of the day we climbed – according to my FitBit Blaze – 296 floors, walked 19.9 Kilometers and burned 5453 calories. We took not just the aching toes home but a lifetime experience too. If you have the opportunity to hike in the Canton of Uri then do not hesitate!

First version

I published what I have so far on GitHub and my mind is really full with TODOs and FIXMEs. At the moment I strongly do not recommend to install it unless you want nothing but play with it.

I called three libraries for help: ShrinkWrap to resolve Maven dependencies, JavaParser and ASM to parse Java source and class files.

Some really basic scenarios are already implemented and covered with automated tests. I had two options: building up an object structure representing the Maven modules then executing the transformation steps on them. The other way is to create real Maven projects: folders and source files on the file system and using them as input and writing the results back to the disk. I voted for the second but implemented a few but real unit tests beside these high level ones.

Jenkins helped me to make the build more environment independent. Some issues immediately popped out: ignoring different line endings (CR, LF) and indentation is now solved.

I am aware of its ugliness


A more aesthetic UI, much more handled scenarios and figure out how to push LSR to JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Repository.

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