Large Scale Refactor I. – An idea

I am sending out Anmeldeformular für Wohnen, Betreibungsauszug and Kopies auf der Aufenthaltsbewilligung once or sometimes twice each day mostly via e-mail rarely traditional post. Setting up appointments with landlords and actual tenants is my new favorite daily routine. Getting to know the city is just one benefit of searching for a new apartment, however I am now ready to leave behind this joy. Sooner or later it will happen… keep fingers crossed!

The problem

Do you know the single responsibility principle and separation of concerns? Have you ever had a huge and complex module where it – would – took tremendous of time to make the first cut or dependency extraction to simplify it?
Probably after some time you gave up for some reason. Maybe the next super important business feature must be implemented asap… and the code is rotten and more rotten. What if this redesign could be like method renaming? Shift + F6 or Alt + Shift + R!

An example

There is a huge module “core” with many dependencies: logging, persistence, web/servlet, etc…

You want to move all logging related dependencies to a new “core-logging” module. So you select logback-core, logback-classic, slf4j-api, jcl-over-slf4j and with one click they are all moved to a new module as well as all the related classes.

As a next step you will move the hibernate/jpa/db/sql dependencies exactly like this to a new “core-persistence” module.

I know: it is a super easy and trivial example. What about really mean and complex scenarios? Will it work? Is this a good idea at all?


A primitive POC is under development and at first I will create a simple plugin for IntelliJ IDEA around it. It will be publish on GitHub soon!

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